Saturday, February 25, 2006

Get The Feeling Yet Another Shoe Is About To Drop?

Iraq government warns of "endless civil war"

Attacks Surge in Iraq Despite Curfew

al-Qaida Threatens to Hit More Saudi Sites

State of emergency bites after foiled Philippine coup

(interesting side note about this last item: "Neighboring Malaysia, which is hosting informal peace talks between Manila and Muslim rebels from the Philippines' south, said the discussions would not be derailed by the emergency.")

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for Saudi attack

All this after this:
The bin Laden tape addresses the American people, both threatening fresh attacks and offering hudna, or long-term truce, if America withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan. He knows that Americans, unconvinced by the arguments behind his attacks against the US, won’t buy his truce offer. In reality, the tape was for Muslim ears: bin Laden intends to establish himself in the eyes of his putative constituency as a legitimate leader, concerned with wartime diplomacy - that like George W. Bush, he is a wartime leader. The tape also answers Muslim critics who faulted him for violating Islam’s fundamental rule of war: Americans were not thoroughly warned before the September 11 attacks.
Endless civil war. Allies in trouble. And Al-qaeda suddenly rearing its ugly head outside of Iraq and vowing more.

Give Qaeda credit: they're a damn sight more persistent than the Bush administration has been. They've set an eye on a target, like the Trade Center, and have carefully chosen their plan, while we've rushed willy-nilly, sending boys and girls into harm's way only to change the target and focus of our activities. Al Qaeda does what they say they'll do: the Bush administration has to find post facto excuses.

We're seeing an administration that is wholly bereft of vision, having developed cataracts on their eyes even to their sworn goals-- kill bin Laden, reform Social Security, peace and democracy in Iraq, and so on-- when challenges to those goals have proven insurmountable. We're left, on this day of horrible international news, with headlines of Bush defends troubled Medicare drug program.

Sad, what this country has come to.

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