Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Limbaugh: "Case closed. Story's over. I won."

In case you hadn't heard, Friday night, Rush was arrested (again!) for possession of large quantities of the prescription medication, OxyContin...note, that's OxyContin, not Oxy10, the acne medicine, anyway...Rush got away with a slap on the wrist: he's under probation and has to submit to random drug tests for the next 18 months. He's claiming that as a victory, despite
[A] spokesman for the state attorney characterized the agreement, which, as Limbaugh noted, requires him to undergo random drug tests, as "standard for someone who is dealing with their addiction," according to an April 29 Associated Press story.

Hmmmmmm, "declaring victory," huh?

Well, if Rush can do it, so can I!

You may recall a post I made several weeks back inviting my female readers (and I know there's a LOT of you out there...) to vote for me as the Sexiest Male Blogger.

Unfortunately, despite mounting a serious, last minute comeback (my entry was submitted five days after everyone else's) that saw me just eking ahead of the front runner at the time, some wife-beatin' shirt wearing cugine named "Mr. Wonderful," the blog that sponsored the contest shut down.

So, I'm declaring victory and appointing myself


....even tho my agreement is standard for someone who's contest was cancelled in midstream (e.g. other loserboys).

Oh...any ideas for a logo?