Friday, February 22, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) Hillary won Texas and Ohio last night.Did someone say she couldn't orate like Obama? I think this shows otherwise. It may be too little, but it's not too late.

2) Altho I am of the opinion that the plagiarism thing is a non-issue, Hillary's "xeroxed ideas" comeback was spectacular concise verbiage and brought a whole new dimension to the issue. She's finally hired some funny writers!

3) The ethnic violence in Serbia and Kosovo continues unabated after the declaration of independence by Kosovans this week.

4) Why Bush never highlighted, in the aftermath of 9/11, our commitment to protecting Muslims in the Balkans has always been a mystery to me. Petty politics could have and should have been set aside for the security of this country, but then that was never high on his list of priorities.

5) No surprise here. I wonder how the first autopsy missed this. Oh. Right. He was a cop!

6) Did she name them "J-Lower" and J-Lowest"? Just curious.

7) I wanted to see this movie, but it's gotten mixed reviews from people I respect.

8) Musharraf is formally out. The better news there was the repudiation of Al Qaeda-linked politicians in regional elections.

9) Ohnoes! Real world trubble for reel world people! Karma's a bitch, Demi!

10) It's all just a waiting game for al-Sadr, isn't it? What's six months to a man who can rule for forty or fifty years?

11) This kind of stuff never happens here. Why?

12) Once more, George W Bush has decided that protecting phone companies trumps protecting your children from terrible terrorist attacks that will maim and kill them.

Hey, two can play the fearmongering game!