Friday, September 04, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Tip of the hat to Ben And Jerry.
2) There's some reason to consider living in Madison, WI.
3) The new terror weapon: ass bombs.
4) Own a piece of rock history, for only $300,000. When the housing market firms up, I'm betting you could double your money.
5) In real news, things are heating up in Afghanistan. Again. Of course, maybe calling in an airstrike on a fuel tanker is a bad idea...
6) And unemployment is creeping up towards ten percent, as corporations try to boost profits on the backs of working families.
7) Needless to say, the Republicans blame Obama.
8) In truth, they should look to their own warped philosophies.
9) Could you ever have imagined a speech by a President about staying in school creating an uproar amongst the low-normals????
10) And, some bad news about global climate change. Right. Let's get our kids to quit school early so they can destroy our planet further thru ignorance.
11) I have to end this on a happy, or at least funny, note: this brings a whole new level of meaning to "three-legged races".