Friday, November 13, 2009

Nobody Asked Me But....

1) I sense a sort of "perfect storm" in agriculture headed our way.

2) Pushed, jumped, or thrown under the bus? Gitmo was a centerpiece of Obama's campaign pledges, and he needs to get this done today. You'd think one of them there wide open flat spaces in the middle of the country would jump at the chance to receive the federal funds that would generously flow from this.

3) It looks like we are going to have to come up with a better definition of what constitutes an intelligent species, or be prepared to stop using the denigration "when pigs fly"...

4) Gee...only took them, what? 35 years? to live up to their principles. We should assume this means they're getting serious about abortion reform. No! Really! They really really mean it this time!

5) Imagine that: a news organization that honest-to-god just wants to report the news without spin!

6) PROTIP from a former backpacker: If ur in the woods, eatin' 'shrooms you find, ur doin it rong!

7) Of course, this guy can say this, his bank is doing nicely. Now let him endorse my position, and then I'll believe he's sincere.

8) Headline The Catholic Church Really Didn't Want To See: Irish priest kidnapped in Philippines released by MILF I'll throw out the first joke: Well, at least she was an adult!

9) He must have been one very well-hung teenager.

10) Finally, a fashion trend that will take the sting of my teen years Nehru jackets away...