Friday, December 18, 2009

Nobody Asked Me But....

1) Iranian. Cyber. Army? As I've said many times in the past, Twitter is for twits.

2) Good for you, Senator Franken!

3) The man wasn't scared by terrarists, but giving poor people healthcare has his widdle panties in a knot!

4) In addition to the usual "ten best/worst of the year" countdowns we have to endure, some people consider this the end of a decade. The ten worst sports stories of the '00s. Nowhere in there is the Mets implosions of 2007 and 2008.

5) Ben Nelson: Lord Douchebag.

6) On the healthcare debate here in America, I believe there is room for liberals to steal back a term that's been used against us: elitist. Class warfare has been upon us for decades, as the Republicans have raped and pillaged the people of this great nation in the cause of populism.

Who among us will rise to the occasion and take the blinders off the people?

7) Because clearly she has no other hats.

8) I'm not sure how erotic a "zero-emissions" vibrator is....

9) The largest US city without a bookstore? Is deep in the heart of Texas... Hope you weren't expecting a surprise, there.

10) In keeping with the theme of "top ten", the ten most annoying celebrities of 2009. Um...can someone clue me in? I know Joe Jackson, Michael's father, and have heard of Jon Gosselin (why Kate isn't on the list is beyond me), but who the fuck...? Oh. Because I have many Canadian readers, here's your list. Apparently, the British are too polite to publish their own list.

11) Because this is likely the last of these you'll read before Christmas...yes, it's NEXT Friday...please accept my fondest wishes in this holiday season for a healthy, happy time and a good new year.