Thursday, October 13, 2005

Your Media In Action

UPDATE: Newsmax very quietly amended their original story from U2 "teaming up" with Santorum to a much more innocuous tale, still implying a connection between U2 and the Senator. FlipFlop!

Yesterday, Rick Santorum's office issued a press release disguised as a story in, a thoroughly odious and disreputable organ (literally, a dick) for the right wing of this country, stating that Senator Santorum was going to throw a fundraising concert starring U2.

Fundraiser for Senator Rick Santorum at U2 Concert

On Sunday, October 16, a unique political event will take place.

At a concert of the legendary rock group U2, Senator Rick Santorum will hold a fund-raising event for one night only.
(emphasis added)

The thousand-dollar-a-seat fund-raiser has been put together by Sean and Ana Wolfington, and it will take place at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia in support of Santorum's reelection.

U2 front man Bono is no stranger to Washington, D.C. He has come often to the nation's capital to network with politicians on behalf of his many causes.

Santorum met Bono earlier this year, having been introduced by John Kasich, the former congressman from Ohio and host of Fox News Channel's "Heartland."

At least, that's the conclusion one can draw from their article, if one is a thick-headed, dumb Republican hick who's education is limited to memorizing the NASCAR slate for the Talladega 500.

Cleverly worded to understand that the audience it's intended to reach has the IQ of a tree stump, and therefore won't read past the third graf of any article, Newsmax makes it appear that Bono is endorsing Santorum, a notorious caninophiliac.

Which includes Kyra Phillips of CNN, I should add, who was sucking at the teat of her dogfucking master, cooing about how cool it is that he got Bono to appear at his concert, only to have to swallow a load when it turned out, it wasn't a fundraiser.

Naturally, Bono and the organization this tour is supporting, DATA, were quick to issue an ambarassing response...
"It is not uncommon for politicians, from both parties, to organize events at all kinds of music concerts and other entertainment events. If any political fundraising events take place at a U2 concert, it is without the involvement or knowledge of Data, U2 or Bono. U2 concerts are categorically not fundraisers for any politician - they are rock concerts for U2 fans."

Flash ahead now to this morning's New York Post...

October 12, 2005 -- WASHINGTON — Forget the money tree. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is banking on the "Joshua Tree" being even better than the real thing.

Clinton is offering her closest fat-cat friends a chance to boogie down with her and Bono during U2's "Vertigo 2005" tour stop at Washington's MCI Center next Wednesday.

It doesn't cost all the riches, just $2,500 per person, according to an invitation obtained by The Post.

Seats are limited — there's room for only 18 high rollers to sit with the former first lady during the show, the invite says...

Once again, the right wing media trumps truth. has a great article on the Santorum stuff which includes this comparison of the Newsmax article and on-air comments at CNN...

Teaming up with the legendary rock group U2 for a one-night only appearance will be Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.).

The thousand-dollar-a-seat concert has been put together by Sean and Ana Wolfington and will take place at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia in support of Santoum's re-election, reports NewsMax's James Hirsen.

PHILLIPS: Plus, why is U2's Bono teaming up with a conservative Republican senator?


VELSHI: He [Bono] and his legendary group U2 are set to perform in Philadelphia on Sunday at a $1,000-a-seat fund-raiser for Senator Rick Santorum's re-election campaign.

So what does the Irish rocker have in common with the conservative senator?

VELSHI: Now, you might ask what Bono has in common with the proudly conservative senator.

As in the case of Santorum, Bono's religious convictions inform his activities.

VELSHI: The organizer of the fund-raiser says both have strong religious convictions and are passionate in their beliefs.
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