Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's All About Timing

The Dems Grow a Big Set of Cojones

(Kudos to Blondesense Liz for posting this picture first)

The Republicans have been put on notice. We will no longer delay or deny what has long been lacking in this government, both the Executive and Legislative branches: accountability.

We want answers. We have a place at the table, and we intend now, that the first waves of bad news have washed over this administration and stripped away its facade of smear and lying, to exercise our voice.

So many of the more radical and impatient on the left have felt we've kowtowed to the Republicans.

An argument that made no sense to me, but maybe because as any actor or comedian knows, timing is everything.

Why make your voice heard when it can be drowned out so easily? You knew that the hubris of this administration and its cohorts and cronies in Congress would eventually up with the lot. That's when you get loud and rambunctious, not when they're crowing over phony victories and shortsighted policies of long term failure.

Lobbyists write legislation. That's like letting a burglar install your alarm system. Yet the Republicans had no problem with this.

Megacorporations sway policy with a simple phone call. Bush is beholden to the Saudi royal family. Cheney sits back and rakes in his Halliburton options.

Did anyone think these guys were adult enough to do this AND run a country????

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