Thursday, November 10, 2005

Y'Know, I'm Sort of Imagining Dubya Opening The Only Paper He Can Stand to Read Anymore...

....when he comes across this:
Bush 'sank' GOP in Virginia

The Washington Times is owned by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, or as the Republicans in Congress like to call him, Messiah.

Hat Tip To AmericaBlog for wading into the cesspool to find this nugget. And if you think I'd be snarky about this, you ought to see John's comments...

UPDATE from Gort42....
When George Bush visits the Tobyhanna Army Depot tomorrow Sen. Rick Santorum (R-VA) will be 100 miles away.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the "scheduling conflict":

When President Bush touches down in Wilkes-Barre to talk about the war on terrorism Friday, the Senate's No. 3 Republican - the vulnerable Rick Santorum - will be 116 miles away in Philadelphia addressing the American Legion. Unavoidable scheduling conflict, Santorum's office says.
Read more @Gort. Klaatu barada nicked-him