Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Maybe Jeanine Pirro SHOULD Have Baked Pataki's Cookies....

A tabloid smelled blood in the water, speculating that Albert Pirro Jr., the Westchester district attorney's baggage-carrying husband, was working behind the scenes to undermine his wife's campaign. More likely, considering Al Pirro's political connections: the makings of a coordinated campaign to see that a "spontaneous" groundswell of support drafts Jeanine Pirro for a New York attorney general run. Phoenix rises; Clinton gets other company.
In the race for most scandalous husband, while Hillary has a huge advantage in terms of media play, Jeanine's husband Al would "hands-down" win on criminality.

I'm seeing that State Senate leader Joe Bruno is probably offering Albert some cushy contracts in the next legislature. That would be my guess for all this pressure being applied.

Of course, Albert may just have more skeletons in the closet than he has let on, and is trying to save Jeanine's face on December 12th.

Hard to say. Graft and the New York GOP is a little like candy and kids: you can't scrape the one off the other.