Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New York's Big Bully "Daddy Party"

Bruno: Pirro should decide or it may be too late

December 13, 2005, 4:52 PM EST

ALBANY, N.Y. -- The state Legislature's most powerful Republican kept up the pressure Tuesday on Jeanine Pirro to give up her quest for the GOP nomination to challenge Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and instead run for state attorney general.

State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno said if Pirro didn't make the switch soon, it might be too late for her to do so.

It was Bruno's public advice two weeks ago that kicked off the current drive by some key party leaders to get Pirro to end her stumbling Senate campaign that has had difficulty raising money and trails badly in the polls.

On Monday, the state's county GOP chairmen, meeting in Albany, said the Westchester County district attorney should take Bruno's advice and switch races.

"I remain a candidate for U.S. Senate, but I greatly respect the opinion of the county chairs and their confidence in my abilities as a statewide candidate," Pirro responded.

On Tuesday, during an interview with Albany's WROW-AM radio, Bruno said Pirro should make up her mind "sooner rather than later, because later may be too late."

Bruno said there was already "frustration" among some party leaders that Pirro hadn't already acted.

"These people are not going to sit there just watching and waiting," Bruno said.
Is beating up women who run for office a trope for the NY GOP? Remember Rick Lazio practically manhandling Hillary Clinton during the Buffalo debate in 2000?

We note that Rick Lazio and Joe Bruno orchestrated that campaign as well. Maybe Ol' Joe should shut up and let Jeannine run the race as she sees fit, cuz Joe? Your track record is abysmal.

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