Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wudy Da Wabbit

Is Rudy on campaign trail?
Giuliani plans swing through Iowa to stump for GOP candidates as some wonder if trip is part of '08 presidential bid

Newsday Washington Bureau

March 23, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Rudy Giuliani is dropping into Iowa for a GOP fundraiser May 1 -- just two weeks after his pal and potential 2008 presidential rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) makes a similar pilgrimage to the crucial caucus state.

It's Giuliani's first major political appearance in months: His relative inactivity had led to speculation that he's leaning against making a presidential bid despite polls showing him atop the 2008 Republican heap.[....]

"Who knows if Rudy is really running, but it certainly behooves him to have people thinking he will, and this is the kind of trip that accomplishes that."
I'm thinking Rudy ought to go take a look at Mario Cuomo's Hamlet act of 1992, and shit or get off the pot. Yes, it's early yet, but to have this kind of dithering going on is uncharacteristic for a man who inarguably has the strongest will of any mayor this city has seen, save perhaps Fiorello LaGuardia.

Personally, I'd welcome a run by Rudy for the GOP nomination and in fact, I hope he wins it. It would finally demonstrate two things: the perverse power grip that the Christian Right has clamped about the throat of the elephant, and Rudy's unyielding and perverse denial of who he really is: a ruby-throated jerk-off who will be the first in front of a camera, but the last in front of an audience.

And I suspect Hillary would welcome another head-to-head run against Rudy, seeing as how badly he botched the last one-- you know, publicly humiliating his last wife, taking up with a bubbleheaded doe-eyed floozy publicly before the mics announcing he was seeking a divorce had been shut off (I mean, seriously, the first thing I thought when I saw Judith Nathan was "Damn, I bet that chick gives good head!"), coming out against crime victims in three separate bias attacks, firing four police chiefs and three Board of Ed Superintendents for crossing swords with him, and just generally being a fascist.

One of the things I hadn't considered in contemplating the ineffable idiocy of the New York State GOP was the fact that Rudy, the best and the *koffkoff* brightest of the NYSGOP, was trounced before he even got out of the gate by Hillary, undisputably the strongest politician in the state.

This may all be "favorite son" (ok, daughter) stuff, and it boils my bile to think of Hillary as a product of New York State, but I think a) she's going to win the nomination and b) she's going to beat anyone the Republicans put up against her. You've heard all the reasons she can win, but in truth, when you look at the election, they're all the reasons she should win.

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