Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

It seems, as I peruse the liberal blogtopia (©Skippy), everyone is posting paeans (today, we'll pronouce it "payons" not "peeons" as the proper pronunciation would dictate) to their moms.

My mom is a self-centered egoist who I spent most of my adult life "thanking" for bearing and raising me by trying to live my life according to her wishes. I think I'm owed a "Carl's day" for that.

Mothers have this strange hold over us all, and yet when you analyze the situation, it's a frightfully tyrannical position they hold. The sole mom I have respect for is my daughter's mom, who put up with me (and still does, in her way) for thirty years in various forms: friend, lover, wife, and friend again.

So, if you have a good relationship with your mom and are spending time today thanking her, then Happy Mother's Day. I did my son-ly duty, visited my mom, gave her her flowers, and was informed that I'm needed to drive her to see my dad (whom she has hated for fifty years, so why she bothers is beyond me) on Father's Day. I walked out.

My day. Go fig. But then, she's always had this way of imposing her wishes on her children with not a thought to their own wants and needs.