Saturday, August 19, 2006

Te Aworo!

As you read this, I will be en route (or possibly landed in) to Bonaire, the diving capital of the east coast and Caribbean.

It was from this island that I took many of the pictures so many of you have viewed at my Flickr gallery, like these:

So, everyone, enjoy your week, and I will post live upon my return. In the interim, my able assistant (and general "keep Carl honest" best buddy), Katrina, will be posting some stuff I've written ahead of time. Most of it is retrospective items, things that I've been mulling but never had the chance to post, and so anything that ends up being irrelevant with respect to newsworthiness, don't blame her.

But since I'm usually right....

PS I've put comments on moderation, and will review upon my return. I've noted a tendency on the part of right-wingers to wait until a weak moment and strike with all sorts of horrid nonsense. None of that will apply here.