Monday, November 20, 2006

Nobody Asked Me But....

- When the top story on a weekend where George Bush ducks out a quick visit in Indonesia (a critical ally in any strategy regarding Islamists) and the admission by several top strategists that Iraq is unwinnable, is TomKat's wedding, something is seriously wrong with the media.

- Or maybe the country. The other top story is the release of the Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3, and the mad mobs battling, even shooting, each other for the chance to buy one. Playstations are getting $3,000 on eBay (list cost is $600), and Wiis (list $250) $1,000. What is wrong with people? For the list price of a Playstation, you can get a cheap new computer, and actually DO something besides waste hours trying to get a little pixel pixie to the next level.

- This cold has finally got the better of me. I'm off to the doctor this morning. Usually I bounce back from illness because I have the constitution of a horse, but this year seems to be different.

- It seems pretty silly to me that silicone breast implants are coming back onto the market. It speaks to the tragic and unhealthy body image western women have that they think sticking a bunch of melted plastic bags in their tits will somehow make them happier.

- Thomas Pynchon has released a new book. Looks like I picked the wrong year to give up mescaline.

- Iowan wine is probably about as good as New York orange juice.

- You've heard of the state quarter? Get ready for the Presidential silver dollar. I suspect an awful lot of people will reject the 43rd one in their change.

- Finally, Bobby, we hardly knew thee....