Sunday, December 31, 2006

Can Someone Explain This, Again?

I mean, really:
"Many difficult choices and further sacrifices lie ahead," he said in a statement released late Friday from his Texas ranch. "Yet the safety and security of the American people require that we not relent in ensuring that Iraq's young democracy continues to progress."

The not-very-clever allusion to the "Flypaper Theory" (so ineloquently phrased as "We're fightin' them thar so's we don't have to fight them hyar.") has been disproven each and every year since we invaded Iraq, and 2006 proved to be no different. More people in more places around the world have died at the hands of terrorists each and every year since we invaded Iraq. Period.

And the cowards on the right will tell you that it doesn't matter, because you know, Osama hasn't hit us here at home. And that's true enough, but let's look at a few facts about that, shall we?

1) The people of Madrid, Bali, London, the Phillipines, Amman, Jordan and other places would be hard pressed to agree that the Flypaper Theory works. We ought to take into consideration that these are our allies and not just some nameless nations that we could give a rat's ass about, like Libya.

2) It hasn't stopped Osama and other terror organizations from trying. Yes, we've thwarted several attacks, apparently, but President Clinton stopped no less than 16 (including attacks that were to be carried out against our allies) before Al Qaeda finally exploited a weak spot: the inattentiveness of the current Repubican president, and his flunkies. After the much-vilified Clinton had left office.

3) In addition to attracting Al Qaeda's attention, we've now had to contend with the formation of Hizbollah and Hamas terror cells within our borders, as indicated by Iran and Palestinian extremist statements. Make no mistake: terror does not have to be a democratic process. It merely takes one nut with a bomb.

4) Terror attacks by Americans on other Americans is on the rise as well. But you don't read about the white guy who drives his car into an abortion clinic. Or shoots Latinos.

With all this going against him, why is Bush saying this, still?

Better question: why are we letting him and why are we letting our "media" get away with letting him skate this by us?