Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts

President Bush, after six years of all but ignoring the Democrats in Congress...OK, actually, he's been pretty much a pig to them all along, is now forced to deal with them. In a bizarre show of "uniting, not dividing," Bush will attend a Demoratic...notice, George? It's "Democratic, not Democrat. As Harry Truman said about dropping the "ic": "If they’ll make a trade with us and let us call the Republican Party the Publican Party." (thanks, Dogg!) (Publicans were the rich Jews in Jerusalem in Jesus' time, the moneychangers)...Democratic Congressional retreat today, where he will give a speech and then field questions from some hand-selected Congresscritters:
For all the talk of bipartisanship, six years of political infighting between Democrats and Bush has taken a toll. Some House Democrats have been asking, "Why is he (Bush) coming" to their retreat, Hoyer said.
Why, indeed!

It's no secret that Bush is desperate, but he's also become more than slightly irrelevant to the process. While the Dems don't have a veto-proof Congress, on the larger issues like Iraq, minimum wage, ethics reform, immigration and so on, they clearly draw enough Republicans (see? I added back the "Re") to create an agenda that Bush is almost certain to have to go along with, anyway, if he wants to help his party regain control of Congress.

This has all the markings of a sham, and to see Nancy Pelosi suckle up to Bush's teat is a little off-putting:
While his appearance at the House Democratic retreat is rare, even more unusual is the joint news conference Bush has scheduled with Pelosi, a California Democrat who has been critical of Bush throughout his presidency.
I smell a Rove trap here. I only hope Pelosi has a contingency plan, or she's going to look mighty stupid.

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