Friday, February 16, 2007

Sticky Post: Fund Raising Time

Once again, it's time to support progressive television. Both LinkTV and FreeSpeechTV are holding their semi-annual fund raising drive.

You aren't going to see the stories on LinkTV and FreeSpeech in the newspapers or the main stream media. That story I posted this morning about the conflict in Jerusalem? They'll cover it for a half hour. The networks? Fox News? Five minutes. Why?

LinkTV had a four hour special called "The End of Oil" which included the world premiere of "Global Impact," about the impact that oil exploration and exploitation has had on indigenous people and developing nations around the world, Willie Nelson on biodiesel fuels (you read about that here at Simply Left Behind last week), and the first report that uncovered the fact that the Bush administration was deliberately supressing scientific information regarding global warming.

These are worthy causes. Please give as much as you can.