Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The more news I watch and read, the more convinced I am regarding the underdeveloped psyche of the right wing, and the "magical child" image I raised (hat tip to Miss Cellania for the clip):
Via: VideoSift

2) Point one about the Lisa Nowak story: Based on this video and her curious answer about keeping in touch with her family (married, with three kids), does anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether she had sex in space? If so....what's it like?

3) Point two about the Lisa Nowak story: she drove 900 miles in a diaper from Houston to Orlando in order to, um, pepper spray her rival in an airport? Didn't she think someone might notice the residual stench of at least a couple of, um, events along route 10?

4) The Rangers' trade for Sean Avery is the kind of trade they've needed to make for a decade now: while he leads the league in penalty minutes with 116, he's also drawn penalties totalling some 92 minutes, which also leads the league. A player in the mold of Esa Tikkanen (no surprise that without the Annoying Finn, the Rangers failed to make the playoffs ten years in a row), he can penalty kill, run the power play second unit, and gives the Rangers passion and playmaking skills, things he demonstrated during last night's game against the Devils.

And he's only 26.

5) When my current cell contract is up, I will buy an iPhone based on this review alone, even if it means I have to move to the god-awful Cingular/ATT/whateverthehellthey'recallingitnow. I can't believe Verizon turned it down. Dooshes, because according to an informal poll at ZDNet, 53% of respondents would rather Verizon had gotten it. Talk about not listening to the consumer!

6) Steve Jobs has asked the record labels to drop the pretense of digital rights management. Good for him. While I am first in line for copyright protection, the major labels are not interested in protecting the works of the artists as much as protecting their bloated bottom lines. Too, jobs hand was forced in that no less than three lawsuits asking courts to force Apple to untie iTunes (with it's DRM) from the iPod (meaning you could play iTunes downloads on a Rio) are in the works.

7) On that note, one of those suits was filed in California, saying in part that Apple does not make it clear that iTunes can only be used with the iPod. Um, hullo? They don't sell the iTunes software. That's free, and will play tunes on any computer. But it is very clear that it will only download tunes to an iPod. Any idiot can see that from the very friendly warning that comes with the download!

8) One more Apple note: Last year, you may recall, I blogged about the lawsuit between the Beatles and Apple over the iTunes store. That suit has now been settled. While I own the entire Beatles' catalog on CD (both the UK issues and the US issues), I look forward to the iTunes store selling Beatles tunes, and perhaps some exclusive content from the Fab Four.

9) From Apples to oranges: last month's California freeze subsided and apparently didn't do nearly as much damage as was at first feared (can someone say "scare an insurance company"?).

10) Six helicopters, three weeks. You think somebody's figured out something? Or maybe just gotten some new weapons?

11) A kiss is just a kiss...unless you study movies.

12) Valentine's Day is next Wednesday. In preparation, Miss Cellania has posted an anti-Valentine's day post (not against Valentine's Day, think of this as the anti-matter to VD's matter)

13) Point three about Lisa Nowak: anyone want to bet she's Republican?