Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Semiotics

Getting through to a Republican is very hard, as we all know.

Mr. Doggity (who really should get a blog) e-mailed me the following:
Republican versus Democratic thinking on climate change science:

They both hear:
"Studies show that four out of five dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum."

The Democrat responds:
"Hmm, seems the evidence is overwhelming that sugar can rot your teeth, so maybe I should listen to the vast majority of experts and considering changing my gum choice to save my teeth, and protect my children's teeth."

The Republican responds:
"Obviously, if sugar were really bad for your teeth, that fifth dentist wouldn't be holding out. I refuse to even consider that maybe he wants people to rot their teeth because he needs the business, or maybe his boat payment comes from his C&H stock. I would rather believe the other four dentists have been paid off by George Soros."
Does that sum up Republican paranoia pretty well? It does for me.

Think about it: during the Clinton persecutions, Republicans were four-square, black and white, but the minute a President really fucks up, they're all "Oh. Well. He's a man in a difficult position making difficult decisions and why do you hate America so?"

And the minute they find a Democrat (or Democratic issue) taking centerstage, suddenly the sticks up their asses are only slightly stiffer than the one they accused Gore of having.

Does this make sense to anyone who deals in reality? Could these children be anymore immature?

(Hat tip to MissC for creating the cartoon for me)