Friday, May 18, 2007

Fund Raising Appeal

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It's time again. Free Speech TV, available nationwide exclusively on DISH Network (please stop paying money to warmongers like Time-Warner and Comcast, and get DISH Network...they also have Al Gore's "CurrentTV", as well as "LinkTV"), is one of the few independent progressive TV outlets in the nation.

As such, it deserves our full-throated (and open-walleted) support during this, its thrice-yearly fundraising drive.

Please click on the Free Speech link above or in my blogroll to peruse the listings of this great network, and to donate, and thank you for your time.

Just one example of their programming:
NOTE: Before you click to watch, the film runs an hour and 49 minutes. But it will be the scariest, most enraging hour and 49 minutes of your life