Friday, August 31, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But

1) There's something "heartwarming" (/snark) to be said about how Republicans are all about personal responsibility, until one of their cronies gets into trouble. In this case? The banking industry. Make no mistake: this is not designed to protect homeowners. It's designed to protect the bankers who loaned the money and those up the food chain who provided the funds.

2) Clearly, this step means that there's a lot more trouble to come. Specifically, next year. Estimates are that the value of mortgages whose interest rates are due for readjustment next year is about five times the value of this year's crop.

3) This column started out way too wonky. So let's get snarky. Turns out that the reason Leona Helmsley loved her dog $12 million worth is, the dog was her lover. You might recall that Leona has had her man problems in the past...

4) OK, this is a story I really didn't need to read the week I bought one of these gizmos.

5) Dumb.

6) Stupid.

7) Moronic. (Gonna sue ME now, Lay, like you tried to sue your college?)

8) I'll have to start TiVoing "Scrubs" now...

9) In the aftermath of the Chris Benoit tragedy, the WWE has announced the suspension of ten wrestlers for drug violations of its "wellness policy". If every wreslter who took drugs was suspended, Vince McMahon would lose his hyouse in Greenwich. It's practically Republican, the way this organization exploits its workers than covers its ass by blaming them.

10) Dueling political leaks. You have to know Petraeus and the White House really didn't want to have to tip their hands, but the (Clinton appointed) GAO and it's chief had better things in mind.

11) Things are starting to heat up in the Atlantic.

12) Somewhere in this picture is Senator Larry Craig.

13) OK, that might not have been fair. After all, none of these men is sitting on a toilet.

14) Question: how could they tell?

15) Good on them. Too often, corporations treat music and musicians like garbage, while making gobs of money off their work.

16) One of these things is not like the others.

17) Note to any returning injured Afghan or Iraq vets: claim hemmorhoids.

18) My daughter heads off to college tomorrow. Anybody got tips for an anxious dad?