Thursday, September 13, 2007

Too Little, Too Late

Thanks for noticing, Mr Bush:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on Thursday is expected to endorse plans for limited cuts in U.S. troop levels in Iraq but will offer little else to skeptical Americans looking for a change of course in the unpopular war.

Trying to rally public support in the face of growing Democratic opposition to his Iraq strategy, Bush will deliver a televised address after two days of congressional testimony by his top military and diplomatic officials in Baghdad.

The president is all but certain to embrace Gen. David Petraeus' recommendation to gradually withdraw 30,000 troops by next summer, bringing U.S. force strength in Iraq back to what it was before he ordered a buildup in January.
An administration marked by the ultimate in flip-floppery-- "We're invading Iraq because (pick one) they hit us on 9/11, they have WMDs, they intend to build WMDs, they intended to build WMDs, Saddam Hussein is a vicious tyrant" and "Stay the course until we achieve (pick one) total victory in Iraq, a beacon of freedom for the Middle East, the end of sectarian violence, a political solution in Iraq-- has lowered the bar, yet again.

The "vision thing" has caught up with the Bush family once more. His father nakedly lacked any vision, preferring situational ethics of the kind only a CIA director could appreciate. His son, Bush the Childish, has put up the pretense of a vision but it is an essentially flawed vision filled with sparkly ponies and cotton candy pink clouds at sunrise and a Texas cowboy trompe l'oeil.

Bush has touted Thursday's prime-time speech as a chance to "lay out a vision" for future U.S. involvement in Iraq four and a half years after the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

But the White House has signaled little chance of a major shift in policy, which could make Bush's address a tough sell. Polls generally show Americans 2-to-1 against the war.
Even his own handlers don't buy his crap anymore.

You half expect Bush tonight to announce he's taking his bat and ball and "going heume!," to quote Cartman.

The Democrats need to seize on this opportunity the way Republicans and their orc army would: a twin-barrel assault on the President.

The leadership, the members of Congress and responsible spokespeople (/snark) need to come out and say that this is "too little, too late," that Bush's credibility and stroke in the country is so low that he needs to up the ante and bring even more troops home.

Meanwhile, the rabblerousers (myself included) ought to hammer home the point that even this little concession to the will of the American people was orchestrated ONLY because we and the Democrats held his feet to the fire and forced him to capitulate.

Let the right wing get a taste of their own medicine, and let Bush get it coming and going, a rat trapped in a rat trap with a couple of hungry cats circling, trying to pick out the tender cuts first.

WE forced this jackass to even curtsey in the direction of drawing down troops! WE made him realize that he has gone way over the line for the past seven years and WE will hold him more and more accountable to the American people. Bush believes he is out of the woods in terms of getting out of Dodge just ahead of the posse, but the posse switched to fresher and faster horses now, and WE will ride him down.

We on the left have persuaded the American people that this man is both dangerous and dimwitted enough to embroil our great nation in a conflict that will last generations AND take out thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of our citizens and our children. And we did it without a reliable national media outlet to hammer home this message, 24/7. WE beat Fox. WE beat Richard Mellon Scaife. WE beat the Washington Times, and the rest of the kneeling masses of mainstream media who bleat the sheeple line of this administration.

It is a small victory, yes, a very small one, but small cracks can open dams as they grow bigger and bigger.

Keep on Bush's case about this, yes, absolutely, just take a minute and reflect on what WE have accomplished in 2007. We humbled the most arrogant men on the planet.

(Ed. Note: Don't pussies were harmed in the posting of this blog)