Sunday, October 21, 2007

Periodic Appeal Time

Stickied until October 22

By now, long time readers of "Simply Left Behind" have probably grown tired of the seemingly endless pledge drives run by Free Speech TV and LinkTV, which take about a month and are run about three times a year.'s that time again. And it seems that these two channels, available on DISH Network (stop paying good money to a corporate oligopoly or a mad Australian fascist and sign up today. Tell them I sent you.) exclusively together and seperately on various cable outlets across the nation for portions of the broadcast week, have begun to make a difference in the political dialogue of the nation.

LinkTV covers the world from a European perspective, and brings that sensibility to domestic stories it covers. Here, you'll see retrospectives of Tianamen Square followed by South African killer whales followed by indigenous Peruvians and their struggles to reclaim water rights, capped off by Greg Palast covering the United States political theatre.

Free Speech TV is more focused on domestic issues, and is unafraid to present both sides of a story, particularly since the mainstream media, including NPR and PBS seem to shy away from showing the unvarnished truth. Here, you can see the KPFA forum on alternative 9/11 scenarios (including the really bizarre theories) followed by Gay USA, capped off by discussions of maintaining capitalism in America but fixing it, or why we shouldn't even bother.

This is gold for any thinking progressive who wants to get a better understanding of the complexities of the world around us. Too often, we rely on the proclamations of someone who specializes in one field or other and ignore the influences that everything has on everything else, from art and politics to the environment and farming.

Please. Go give now, and then make sure you go to the DISH Network website and order your service today.