Monday, November 19, 2007

Maybe There's Hope For Me, Yet?

Amid all the holiday angst-- the deaths, the illnesses, the caretaking, the car accidents, the spats with family-- I find this reply to a post from a year ago:
Carl -

I should have written sooner. I am happy to report that 2006 was free of any "reindeer incidents". I am also happy to tell you that you are currently on my "nice list"... though I wouldn't take any chances for the rest of the year.

I generally stay out of politics. What I will say is that my Holiday is Christmas. I fully respect that others may choose to celebrate the holidays their beliefs lead them to but I have made the same choice and mine is Christmas.

Please know that the Magic of Christmas can work miracles. Keep the faith, Carl.


Santa Claus
CEO, North Pole Inc.

Thanks, Santa! In the words of the immortal Natalie Wood in "Miracle"...I believe... I believe... It's silly, but I believe.

Oh...and I'd like the red iPod shuffle, if it's not too much trouble... :-D