Friday, November 09, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) is Rudy going to have as much Teflon as Ronald Reagan? Or John Gotti, the man Rudy tried many times to put away, only to fail and leave the job to someone else?

2) If you really want the skinny on Rudy Giuliani, look no further than Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice.

3) And when will Rudy's famous temper finally let go on the hustings? He's come close a couple of times, but if he gets hounded on the Kerik case (his answers have been pretty lame..."mayors make 100,000 decisions, not all of them good ones"...what does he think a President does?), look for him to lose it completely.

4) I wonder what happened to make this come about? *Carlyledividendhighoilprices*...pardon me, I just sneezed!

5) Does anyone seriously believe free elections will be held in Pakistan anytime soon? I'm worried this is a training ground for Bush operatives for next year.

6) Ten-foot high seas in Britain and the Netherlands. This might not be a disaster, but it has potential.

7) Hm, I wonder when reknowned language expert (and wingnut) Barry Farber will master this one? Maybe they can convince him that global warming is a real threat...

8) The market downturn will continue at least well into next week, as more and more bank report losses from the credit crunch. No one to blame but themselves and their greed, but as usual in a Republican administration, their losses will be socialized. Yours won't.

9) Maybe Myanmar might make it back from the brink? Sure hope this is the start of a good thing.

10) Could it be that goodwill is contagious? Expect the right wing to have a kerfuffle on this one.

11) Hm. I smell a piece of Internet performance art here...

12) Conspicuous consumption, it even includes eating gold.

13) Ah vunder wheech side hee'll terminade...

14) On a related note, a bit of fun with right-wingers...who are suing their publisher for unfair treatment! They got published! They should be grateful...

15) And finally, it's official. Simply Left Behind won its Weblog Award. The judges decision is now final. I can have my life back.