Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Couple Of Observations

On turning fifty, I noticed a few things:

1) AARP doesn't kid around. My membership card was waiting in the mailbox when I returned!

2) On that note....


3) I don't think I will ever fly anything less than First Class again. Given what a stingy bastard I am, that means I won't be taking anymore vacations. Ever! *grins*

4) The weather was kind of dodgy, and I didn't get to do any diving (sure, it cleared up the frikkin' day I was leaving!), but I got away and relaxed and cleared my head a little.

5) I'm fifteen years away from "retirement", which in Bush's America means I'm fifteen years away from starting my second career as a server at Mickie D's.

6) I'm half a century old. There are trees older than I am, but not that many.

7) While there are few nicer things than to land at your home airport, there are few worse things than waiting for your luggage at the "new" Delta terminal, where the baggage claim is the next building over.

8) Oh...for you plane enthusiasts out there, the Boeing 777 is fantastic!