Friday, January 11, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) More evidence that "liberal" is the new "nigger" in the Republican party.

2) Meanwhile, the race card is really being played in South Carolina. In the Democratic primary. I would imagine this is payback for Hillary's tears in New Hampshire.

3) Don't ever say Obama is above dirty politics. He grew up in Chicago. You have to get mud on your shirt if you want to win there.

4) Maureen Dowd is a dick. I used to enjoy her columns, but I am afraid she's finally let her dusty vagina rule her brain.

5) Um, MEMO to Dennis: Barn door open. Horse gone. Let's move on.

6) I'm amazed this story is getting play now, particularly since I covered it three months ago, and I wasn't breaking a new story!

7) BREAKING! Hillary dead! (Sorry...I have a lurking conservative fanboi. I thought I'd have some fun with him) Edmund Hillary, as Tenzing Norgay's partner, is a true pioneer having scaled Mt Everest and been the first man to set foot on the summit.

8) Just in time for our Greater Depression, low-wage jobs are opening up all over the country! Can you say "16 tons"?

9) MEMO to Conservatives: You CAN have a strong, vibrant economy AND high taxes AND a social safety net. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Europe.

10) So, two losers walk into Obama campaign headquarters...

11) MEMO to Barack: Lamont and Kerry gain more from their endorsements than you do. This is one time you should have said no.

12) Dumb move.

13) Dumber move. (Unless the government bails them out, I should add)

14) Dumbest move. Broadway has turned into a Disney multiplex. Even if this show had been good, it would have been bad for Disney and Broadway.

15) Why Osama is still at large.

16) Another episode of Bad Santa.

17) Finally, naked opportunism in our time.


How'd I miss these stories???

18) The world is about to explode? Well, no, not quite, but..."We have indications that there may be important volumes of magma which would be liberated in an eruption," Patricia Mothes, a U.S. expert on volcanoes, said.

19) "You lift sixteen tons (of Republican dead weight) and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt." Say buh-bye, Rudy!