Friday, February 01, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But

This car can be yours!

1) Look at how desperate Rudy is to pay back his contributors!

2) I'm curious, and perhaps someone can clue me in about Hillary-Hating, cuz I don't: Can someone, anyone, give me one good reason not to vote for Hillary over Barack Obama? Or John McCain (or Mitt Romney), for that matter?

3) Speaking of Hillary and Barack, does this look like a ticket?

4) The correct answer is, no. While Obama would be smart to accept a spot on a Clinton ticket, I'm not sure she'd offer it to him. If she does, he ought to snap it up, because when he's fifty-four, he'd still be young enough to run, but with 8 years of Veepitude under his belt, he'd deflect criticism of his youth and would avoid being called to account for any Senate votes in the interim. And I think this is win-or-go-home for Clinton. I doubt her ego would allow her to accept the Veep nod. Besides, Obama's smart play would be to ask Bill Richardson to gather a bigger Latino vote.

5) Which raises another interesting note: this could be the first election in American history to feature two sitting Senators, Clinton/Obama and McCain (unless Romney wins). At least we won't be subject to the "John McCain voted against breast cancer research" ads of the 2000 campaign, because he could always swing back harder.

6) Well, this sucks! I try to avoid all things Microsoft, and I assume that Yahoo video will have to pull all the free hard core porn...

7) Question: How many "Number Twos" are there in Al Qaida?

8) He's doing this mostly because he has to. The Kennedy endorsements seem to have been a dead cat bounce.

9) No, really? Imagine that! Didn't Kansas Gov. Sebelius warn us about this years ago?

10) When did she leave? More important, why?

11) I want to quash a rumour right now. There is no truth to the story that George Clooney asked me to skip work yesterday so he'd be the handsomest man in the Grand Central district. That story is absolutely false! He asked me to see my cardiologist, true, but he did it out of natural concern for my health.

12) What could this be?

13) Local NYC story: It's about effin' time.

14) UPDATE: Today, the American Heart Association is asking you to wear red, to raise awareness of women's heart disease and heart health in general. Some old codgers on the right think this is a bad thing, believe it or not! I have my red tie on. I won't mention my thong underwear.