Friday, May 09, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) One should never piss off the aides of a former President, even a fictional one. Maybe even particularly a fictional one!

2) If the rationale presented is legitimate, then I have found the first thing I can agree with Dumbya on, in principle. At a time of soaring food costs, farm subsidies make little sense anymore, in general (I'm sure I haven't thought this through enough to be more specific).

3) I can break both the food crisis and the energy crisis in one fell swoop: ban corn syrup additives. If you look at any food label now, chances are in lieu of sugar (which is not produced domestically but in Hawaii and a few other limited locales) you'll find corn syrup. By banning corn syrup, you'd reinforce the Hawaiian economy, plus free up enormous amounts of American corn for food and ethanol.

4) It does appear the deck is stacked against Hillary. That said, she should not and will not give up the fight until Denver.

5) But I suppose I should be nicer to Obama, even if he is a conniving blaggard with a heart of stone. What say you all?

6) He did, however, come well short of endorsing Obama. My suspicion is, if Obama hadn't betrayed a deep hatred of the working class, Edwards would have endorsed him before Tuesday's primary in NC.

7) Probably sucks.

8) Definitely sucks.

9) Uh oh..."quarantine" is never a word you want to read in a headline.

10) If $120 a barrel was about the breaking point for $4 a gallon gaasoline, what's the increment to $5 a gallon? Strictly on a guess, I'll go with $130/bbl

11) This volcano in Chile might be more devastating than anyone suspected.

12) Blowing up a forest is probably a dumb way to call attention to an ecological crisis. Just a thought.