Monday, June 16, 2008

A Quickie

Which news organization is represented in this fictional vignette?

On Monday, dozens of gay couples planned to rush down to their county clerk's office Monday evening to be among the very first to say "I do" under the historic court ruling making California the second state to allow same-sex marriages...and Tim Russert wasn't here to comment on it!


My god, two days wasn't enough to mourn this jackass? Three? We have to make it an even four?

Mother Theresa didn't get the kind of coverage that some fat-ingesting tub of goo with a weak heart got! Even this morning, there was ol' Luke Russert, Timmeh's son, on air for twenty minutes reminiscing not about Dad but about how nice everyone at NBC had been about reminiscing about his dad!

Good lord, there was less pandering at Reagan's funeral....from Republicans!

What makes it worse is to watch the Obombers in their supposed "let's change the political landscape" suck up to this fat bastard's memory, when a year ago (and they were supporting Kucinich), it was all about how "Timmeh" doesn't get it and "Timmeh" is a fat bastard and "Timmeh" is evil incarnate!