Friday, October 03, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Winter really IS coming soon...To MARS!

2) I have a feeling this is good news for Obama.

3) You might have missed this rather important story this week, so as a service to you, here it is again.

4) I often despair of the attention span and intellect of the American voter, but finally, there are signs of life!

5) Only the Republicans could claim that a not-quite-epic fail was a success...

6) By the way, here's a really cool random Palin phrase generator. She really does sound like the infinite monkey.

7) In the details of this story, check out the name of the California health department spokesperson!

8) For want of a vacuum cleaner, we would not have a pretty decent Scotch.

9) Wow. Karzai has to get Saudi help to get the Taliban to talk? It seems to me that we ought to get our sorry asses out of Iraq and take these bastards out.

10) I have a job for John McCain once he loses this November.