Friday, December 12, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Irony of ironies, the contractor who is being held accountable for the fire at the Deutsche Bank building that killed two firefighters in 2007 is the John Galt company. Yet another nail in Ayn Rand's coffin.

2) Notice who is the general opposition to the bailout: Republicans from Southern states. Why? Simple: Who benefits from the bankruptcy of GM and the reorganization? The south. How? Right-to-work states which are openly hostile to unions. GM, Ford, and Chrysler would be free to move their operations down south and save gobs of money on union salaries. Disgraceful!

3) Santa Kitty is going to leave coal in his litterbox!

4) Not pretty. Not at all.

5) I think this may be a dead cat bounce.

6) How many of you skipped this year's shot?

7) Either this guy is a lousy kisser or a great one, I'm not sure.

8) This is one of the more bizarre "terrorists" around. Not deadly, yet, but more of a nuisance. Yet, he or she always manages to show up at the oddest places.

9) This is one of my greatest fears when I am performing.

10) Free trip to London? Plus a Fish Slapping Dance? AWRIGHT!