Friday, December 19, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) It's not surprising that they stopped, what will surprise me is if they start up again anytime soon.

2) Somehow, it warms my heart to hear all those Obombers who stood there defending Rev. Wright whine about this. I don't like Warren, either, I think the choice is a dumb, pandering move, but then I thought Wright was wrong to damn America, too.

3) With all that this nation has gone thru, Zimbabwe's bout with cholera is a tragedy beyond words.

4) There are few companies whose image is so closely linked with its founder. Apple is one of them and now that Steve Jobs seems to be in his last laps as CEO, one wonders what's next?

5) There's 2,900 pages of donors. I don't think a handful like this will be a problem for Hillary.

6) MEMO to George Bush: Half-assed efforts end in half-assed results.

7) Why do I think this is not nearing its end?

8) Uhhhh, oops!

9) OK, this is REALLY jumping the shark!

10) Nurse Chapel, we hardly knew ye.