Friday, February 06, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Send in the clones.
2) His nickname must be Peckerhead.
3) Not sure I'd ever want to mess with this guy.
4) Why is this even news? She had her babies, they survived this long, who cares if she has 14 kids, beyond herself, her family, the biological father? Of course I have an opinion, but you know what? My opinion, along with 300 million other opinions, don't frikkin' matter!
5) When is a punishment not a punishment? When it's not punishing the intended target. A three month suspension in February means Michael Phelps can start racing again in the outdoor season this summer, and the international season later. It's an off year anyway in terms of international meets, and he'd probably cruise through the season in third gear anyway.
6) Not that I think he deserves any punishment at all, and apparently, the USAS agrees with me, but has to pay lip service to...something.
7) Krugman's right. Pelosi and Reid, as well as Obama, ought to man up and make this happen. In fact, if I'm Obama, the second Judd Gregg is sworn in at Commerce, I'll double-back on the deal he cut and let the NH governor appoint a Democrat. Fuck them and the horse they rode over the cliff, the Republicans.
8) Just in case you missed the news this morning, you probably know someone who lost his or her job recently.
9) Hm, I might have a future as a body double for the next governor of New Mexico.
10) Why is that Nigerian e-mail scam still hanging around? Maybe because it's had a ninety nine year head start!