Friday, February 20, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Curiously, I was just down there this past weekend, and my college career started there just after the student unrest of the 70s. I must be a bad influence!
2) I'm not sure about the political demands of the students, but I can certainly get behind the "more transparency" bit. Having had more than my fair share of run-ins with the university administrators...I know, what? Me? A troublemaker?...the whole veil of secrecy annoyed me more than anything else.
3) By all means, South Carolina! Please save us the money! But don't come running to us after the next hurricane!
4) No retraction, eh? Ol' Johnnie Mac must have been tapping that!
5) The word "moron" shall now be redefined as "Santelli". Imagine thinking that what diminishes your neighbor is none of your business! I think it's about time the corporatocracy realize the free ride is over.
6) My church did something I can be proud of.
7) Something on the order of two-thirds of the country lives near an urban center. It's about time we had a President who understood this.
8) They really should just be sorry, full stop.
9) The Oscars are this weekend. And while I think Sean Penn will win for Best Actor, Mickey Rourke probably ought to be invited on stage for his moment in the sun as well. I don't normally make Oscar pics, but I think it will be Penn, Winslet, and Slumdog.