Friday, March 27, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Tomorrow we celebrate Earth Hour. Light a candle, curse the glare.
2) Leave it to FOX News to make a scare headline out of a game scenario.
3) Remember how some governors swore they would forego, ohhhhhhhhhhh, about 2% of the Obama stimulus package? Looks like that ain't gonna fly...and it may even shoot down a potential candidate or two.
4) My prayers are with Fargoans this weekend. But of course, global warming doesn't exist, so this might be God's wrath...funny how he seems to hate red states more than blue.
5) Microsoft must be getting advice from the GOP, because this line of attack has never worked in the past. Apple just makes great products that people want. Maybe M$ is panicking over this. Or this.
6) I know the Three Stooges were rather, um, unorthodox, but either this is the crowning homage or will be an unmitigated disaster.
7) One of the most prestigious schools in the world has a vampire infestation. Or not. This sucks.
8) France to invade Canada. No! Seriously!
9) Apparently, Richard Gere has decided to escalate his war for Tibet independence.
10) Her fifteen minutes of fame are over, true, but remember, she's allowed to borrow off her fourteen children.
 Happy Earth Hour, All!