Friday, May 15, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) The rain in Spain falls mainly on cocaine.

2) Apparently, Bob Graham has Nancy Pelosi's back, while her minion, Steny Hoyer, has his knife out.

3) No wonder the GOP opposes the stimulus package: it provides Americans with low-wage underpaying jobs without benefits.

4) Hey, Conservatives! Going Galt? Need a place to go on vacation free from US Government regulation? I have just the place:


5) Good thing they're not having more sex or the conservatives might be upset!

6) It's not often you'll see this as a headline: "468 Year Old Man Arrested"

7) If capitalism were truly free market, this would happen a LOT more frequently.

8) On the one hand, this story is fascinating. On the other, it sounds like a Roger Corman movie.

9) The Governator is auctioning off parts of his state. I'd say "Film at 11," but I suspect he's already moved to copyright that.

10) I wonder if old white men in the White House catch some sort of dementia?