Friday, June 19, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) On the one hand, you have an aging pilot base. On the other, you pay pilots way below their value in an attempt to cut costs, and planes drop out of the sky. Do you think there's, say, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, a connection here????
2) Ladies and gentlemen, I give you this generation's Christoper Reeve. Poor kid is going to be stuck with fanged teeth until his own fall out.
3) Quietly, swine flu is not going away. This should be the dormant time. It's summer. Fewer people stuck indoors together, schools are letting out, kids are getting healthy sunshine and air.
4) As unhappy as this proposal makes me, it's a baby step towards universal coverage.
5) Why is it every time the market crashes, there's a set of people indicted for fraud? As I mentioned yesterday, it's clear markets are not rational, and this is precisely why.
6) We had SCOTUS. They have their own supreme. We went quietly into that not-good night. I don't suspect Iran will.
7) I do marvel at the United States. In the name of freedom and living under the rule of law, we allowed ourselves to put up with the Bush administration, His Fraudulence, for eight years, rather than opt for the easy way out and riot. While it's a tribute to our idiocy, it's also a tribute to our commitment to the Constitution. Pity the (s)elected didn't show the same respect.
8) This is just wrong. According to the Constitution, you are entitled to confront your accusers. You ought to have access to every single means of exonerating yourself. Admittedly, in his opinion, Chief Justice Roberts did not ban the use of DNA testing, but said it was up to the legislatures. In states, like Texas, where segregation-through-sentencing is enforced, what are the odds the Texas state legislature will pass a law allowing a black man to show that his DNA doesn't match the crime?
9) Drivers in Massachussetts are soooooooo bad, they threaten air traffic.
10) Goatse in action. (If you don't know what "goatse" is...well, I'd tell you to Google it, but I'm not sure your stomach can stand it)
Aw, what the hell...I'm feeling generous today...a bonus item...