Friday, July 10, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Michael Jackson...murder victim????
2) News headline I'd like to see: SLEAZY POLITICO HOLDS ENTIRE STATE UP FOR RANSOM, because that's truly what Espada did.
3) The score stands as follows: Humans 480 Bulls 15.
4) Truly, this has been an Endeavour.
5) If you were at the restaurant at 354 Metropolitan Avenue last night, yes, that was me. I made a rare public appearance at Fette Sau, a new barbecue place. Looks interesting. It's an old commercial garage. I may have to go back for food one night.
6) Not in a million years would I have realistically given Lance Armstrong a chance to win an eighth Tour De France and vindicate his earlier victories. He has voluntarily submitted to daily testing AND has been subjected to at least two other surprise "random" tests.
7) Of course, if Lance did drug, maybe marijuana was his drug of choice. Sure didn't hurt Michael Phelps any.
8) Somehow, shooting gerbils doesn't seem like much sport.
9) This is why women don't cook anymore.
10) Terrorism or dumb prank? You decide.