Friday, July 17, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Not that I think abortion should be illegal or anything to abrogate a woman's right to choose, but it seems to me that these folks would have had strong moral backing if they chose to step in on the part of the anti-abortion crowd. This is a very sad story when we should be celebrating their lives.
2) Wrists In The News.
3) Just in case you thought swine flu was no longer a problem...Argentina has been under a national lockdown for over a week now.
4) "Less of a problem" is not "no longer a problem."
5) I don't know if this is pure speculation or if there's a real trend here, but good news in the housing market.
6) It was forty years ago today...give or take.
7) Yea. The way a chigger gets under the skin until you kill it.
8) This is one "endangered species" I will not mourn. Phugliest shoes in the world.
9) Wine and beer at Starbucks. Look forward to overpaying for badly stored chablis made with sour grapes and rebottled Old Milwaukee.
10) I guess this guide is for rich parents of kids who won't take advantage of what life has gifted them to get into college. "Now, Johnny, when the admissions officer asks if you shot anyone, just smile oddly."