Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Let's get right to it, it's a busy day...

1) Congratulations President Obama!

2) Of course, this poor soul can't even win the single most prestigious prize on the planet without being savaged for it. And that's before we consider the right-wing noise machine!

3) "Not done anything"? He stood in the mouth of the enemy and reassured him that America stands ready to move the world forward, got Israel and Palestinians leaders to sit down in the same room and talk, he's dismantling the nuclear arsenal pointed at Russia's heart, and he's opened top level dialogue with Iran, all in eight months. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU WANT HIM TO DO, especially considering the motherfucking mess the Bushies left him???????

4) I've seen the trope that NASA was "bombing" the moon. Not true. They crash-landed two space craft on it this morning, in an effort to study the plume of debris to determine if there is ice on the satellite. This is important stuff and may determine the course of space exploration for the next thousand years.

5) While I'm not defending his actions, I can understand why Anthony Marshall did what he did. You watch your mom linger on, and you are yourself getting up there in age, and she still has your inheritance. You don't want to kill her, because that would immediately be investigated, so you siphon off the fortune under the guise of her declining mental condition. He's 85. He faces 25 years in prison and cannot be comforted by the fact that Brooke Astor lived to 105.

6) Here's some good news about the swine flu vaccine.

7) Did the Rapture happen and nobody noticed?

8) Y'know? It is what it is. Whatevarrrrrrrrrr! Anyway...

9) Yesterday was National Poetry Day in the UK. (reread that in iambic pentameter)

10) This cries out for makes Thomas Kinkade's NASCAR series look like fine art!