Friday, November 06, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I want to make sure I understand this: the city is closing 25 firehouses in working and middle class neighborhoods. We've cut thousands of jobs that provide assistance to the weakest and poorest among us. We're confronted with massive tax hikes just to close this year's shortfall. But HEY! Spend tens of millions of dollars to honor a billion-dollar corporation and its multimillionaire staff, who could post the money with just the bonuses earned in the World Series AND who has repeatedly stiffed us for even the pittance in taxes the city has asked them to pay? Hell, yes, we can do that!

2) Weird, man. Just fucking weird.

3) Perhaps one good thing to come out of yesterday shooting rampage at Fort Hood is that the mental health of military personnel is actually being talked about in the mainstream media.

4) Years too late, of course.

5) Keep in mind when the right wing idiots clamor about this that Obama's job losses have been at a far lower rate than Goerge W Bush's.

6) Because you know Obama still looks out for us.

7) When you lose one of your biggest financial supporters, you ought to think twice about being the Party of No. Of course, this is not all good news for healthcare reform.

8) I wonder if the French have a word for "entrepreneur"? This guy's picture should be in the dictionary next to it.

9) Yesterday was Guy Fawkes' Day. My suspicion is Michelle Bachmann thought that meant be MORE fascistic and tyrannical. And weren't they just all up in arms over the movie "V for Vendetta"?

10) Finally, apparently, the Beatles really ARE bigger than Jesus...