Friday, November 20, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) I really REALLY hope he announces his divorce at a press conference again.
2) Millions of horny pre-med students cry out in agony at the loss of an excuse while dating beauticians.
3) There might actually be compelling TV on C-Span tomorrow
4) Speaking of Congress, it was not a pretty sight on Capitol Hill yesterday. Republicans embarassed themselves left and right.
5) Speaking of Republican embarassment, if you didn't see Jon Stewart's interview on-line with Lou Dobbs, you missed a helluva chat. The edited version for TV ran 8 minutes. The unedited, uncensored version ran for twenty minutes.
6) Not the kind of alarm clock you need to hear when you're in space.
8) France won their way into the World Cup tournament this week on the basis of a bad call by the officials. It's not that this was a make-or-break call, France at this point was tied on points and the next goal would have decided the game, but it did end Ireland's chances of sneaking past France. People are not happy. And soccer kills!
9) In case you wondered why Jews are not as sexually hung up as Christians...
10) Finally, yes, Virginia, there really IS a war on Christmas!
Publisher's Note: Yes, I will be reprising the popular War On Christmas Carol serial, as well as the Twelve Days of Christmas Music Blogging. I may throw a few surprises in for you.