Friday, December 04, 2009

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) OK, so I turn 52 today, as Kat was so kind to point out. I can't say this past year has been fun, but it's had its moments, and I thank all the people in my life who've stuck by me as friends, even tho I have at times been an absolute prick to them. Sometimes, I watch the words fly out of my mouth, and wish I had a butterfly net to corral them. And to the few people to whom I meant what I said, fuck you.
2) Speaking of "fuck yous", Fuck YOU! Just. Go. AWAY!
3) The unemployment rate contracted in November!
4) Tiger Woods has brought a whole new meaning to an 18 hole invitational. I hear you can only play with your wood and you must sink your putz in each hole.
5) It's going to become harder and harder to find news that you can trust.
6) Apparently, Tom Boswell reads Simply Left Behind.
7) Did you know we had outsourced even the CIA?
8) It could be ballgame over for fish in the Great Lakes, which would devastate much of the Midwest and Canada.
9) There's an underlying reason that this article fails to mention: people are just scared. Eight years of having the boogie man dangled in front of our faces, coupled with an economy in turmoil and bleak prospects for workers even at the best of times will do that to a nation.
10) Ummm, ewww?
Have a good weekend, everyone!