Friday, December 11, 2009

Nobody Asked Me But....

1) The most accurate assessment of the whole Climategate nonsense. The Miami Herald is quite clear: the entire contretemps is made up out of whole cloth. This ought to be required reading for any nutcase who denies global warming based on a few confusing emails.

2) Oh, that Bush administration! Their screw-ups will be with us for decades...

3) This is the kind of aggressive thinking we need in America.

4) I guess the bailouts worked for the most part. We seem to be getting repaid pretty promptly.

5) Russian missile?

6) Poor AT&T. It never stood a chance with the iPhone onslaught. Call a whaaaaaambulance.

7) Speaking of bandwidth, are you on a "data diet"?

8) A hedgehog with a personal trainer. Apparently, someone in England has wayyyyyy too much money.

9) Example of your conservative-appeasing media: Seven Foods You Should Never Eat. Cheetos nowhere on the list.

10) Just what we need: a beer mug, with an optional bayonet attachment. You know, for those barfights when a cue stick just doesn't seem sufficient.