Friday, February 12, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Chris Christie is an idiot. New Jersey has a rightly-deserved reputation for one of the finest public school systems in America, one of the finest public hospital systems in America (so good, that the Johnson & Johnson family has opened hospitals here...there's a reason House is set in Jersey!), and antagonizing the unions in a state that practically invented the concept is going to create nothing but trouble.
2) Chuck Schumer is grandstanding. Again. Not that I disagree with the sentiment, and not that he's wrong, but rather than tackle the problem, he wants to put a tourniquet on a gash, when all it needs is some stitches. Just overturn the SCOTUS decision and be done with it, dammit! This isn't brain surgery!
3) Hm. There seems to be a medical theme running here.
4) So how do the Democrats in the Senate "do" bipartisan? By turning Republican! Nut up or shut up, Harry!
5) Amen, and thank you, Lord.
6) My prediction: Wayne Gretzky carries in the torch, but Fox's mom lights it up.
7) Could healthcare reform finally receive the boost its been looking for? Stupid greedy capitalists.
8) H1N1 may have turned out to be a bust this season, possibly because so much work was done in the spring and summer to forestall it, but vigilance, folks! I got my flu jab, did you get yours?
9) OK, so how dumb are Americans? 70% of us said we support gays in the military, but only 59% of us support homosexuals in the military. It's true! Somewhere out there, one in ten people want to believe that Ellen Degeneres is gay, but not a queer.
10) How bad has the snow been this month? Well, after today's storm in the south, all 50 states could have some snow accumulation on the ground.
Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are!