Friday, March 05, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Um, oops! This is definitely not good news.

2) Clearly not a terrorist attack, cuz, you know, he was white.

3) I presume from the coverage I've seen, his body language and uncombative postures, that David Paterson will resign shortly.

4) The Oscars are this weekend. Yet another wasted Sunday night. I get the sense that George C. Scott was right to ignore them.

5) More than you wanted to know about touchscreen technology.

6) Why your next diet might include a glass of Lysol every day.

7) Bill O'Reilly: burrrrrrrrrrrnt!

8) Y'know, you think this is a "nanny state" issue, but read more closely: the kid had been warned on several occasions to stop pointing his finger and making *bang* noises. That the parents didn't tell the kid to quit it before he gets into trouble is abusive parenting.

9) Oh, so it WASN'T the urine that killed him? PRO-TIP to my younger, less-experienced-at-being-drunk readers: never pee near wires, even if they're insulated.

10) No, the man's name was not Jean Valjean.