Friday, March 12, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) iPad pre-orders opened today. Yes, I ordered mine, despite the misgivings some have expressed.
2) Things are heating up in Israel and the West Bank. Three words: Stop. The. Settlements. The US cannot afford to get involved in a conflict between the Israelis and the Arab World. Or can we? One way to grow out of a recession is to launch ha full-scale war. This has to be among the options being weighed.
3) There's a serious problem in this nation: only 20% or so of people of college age currently will ever graduate from college. This will help improve that number, but not by much. The highest that rate has been in this country is 30%. That's pathetic for a nation where you allegedly have opportunity.
4) It saddens me that it took nearly ten years to decide to do the right thing by first responders at Ground Zero. That's shameful in a nation that, for eight years, was touted by the previous administration to have robust growth.
5) Great choices all, Mr. President!
6) There's a great six part series on on an international crisis I bet you never even knew existed.
7) A little sour lemon with your Teabagging, sir? I wondered how much longer the ridiculous TeaBaggers movement could avoid dealing with the Jesus freaks. Get the popcorn, Mother!
8) The competitors in the 2010 NCAA college basketball tournament will be picked this weekend. My Cinderella pick this year is West Virginia, who I think will surprise a lot of people with how deep they get in the tournament.
9) Wolves eat teacher. That will become, unfortunately, a more common headline.
10) Facebook punked out, probably because Glenn Beck cried.