Friday, April 09, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Welcome to the party, pal! This is what I love about FOX News: thirty years behind the times, they only suddenly notice that the future of the large majority of Americans is deeply in doubt. What morons are so dense as to watch news that's thirty days out of date?
2) Stupak runs scared. I imagine he was only worried that he'd have to deal with liberals opposing him and that the right-wing of the country would shower him with flowers and candies for getting abortion de-funded from the Feds. Guess again, Skip! We would have forgiven you...the Christians? Eh, not so much!
3) Navel contemplation is a good thing, GOP. Goodness knows, you might learn something about how to run a country.
4) First, let me say: the guy was a jerk. He should have understood that there would be a reaction to a guy on a plane with a lit anything. But it's also important to understand that people crack bad jokes all the time (like, you know, me) and while we should be expected to be misunderstood, an overreaction is an overreaction. Of course, some would blame the air marshal...
5) Right, but we ought to get government off the backs of businesses...sheesh! Of course, no regulation could possibly prevent God's wrath, right? Those miners, so effeminate!
6) Run, do not walk, to pick up the latest copy of National Geographic magazine. Apart from some beautiful photography, you'll get a heads-up on the real crisis about to hit the world, and there's no walking this one back. Significant portions of the planet will be at war within a decade over this resource, and it's already affecting our foreign policy, and may even force us to kowtow to Canada.
8) There's a budget battle brewing in New Jersey that will make California look like a walk in the park. The newly-elected governor is abrogating his responsibilities and his duties in apportioning state funding to communities AND telling them they can't raise local property taxes to cover the shortfall. Sounds to me like a recipe for disaster. Pity, because Jersey was only just starting to live down its reputation as a state "only" next to New York.
9) So who wrote the Book of Fail?
10) What do General Jack D. Ripper and Mahatma Gandhi have in common?